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P&I are a company that offers training in the area of safety and behaviour. P&I was designed to support adults working with children and young people, who have to deal with challenging, violent and aggressive behaviour in the workplace. P&I training programmes are aimed specifically for the Education sector and also support in areas such as Children's Social Care.
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Welcome to P&I Training

P&I specialise in the delivery of behaviour management, de-escalation and physical intervention training for schools and organisations who work with and/or accommodate children and young people. P&I offer a range of unique training packages which aim to provide your staff team with the necessary techniques and skills to promote the safety of the young people, your staff and any visitors to your premises. P&I also deliver programmes directly to the young people and parents/carers as part of targeted support programmes. The P&I team has a wealth of experience which includes working in EBD/SEMH Schools, secure children's homes, residential homes and social services settings. Our senior training team have worked with some of the most challenging individuals in Britain.

The physical intervention techniques taught on the course have been independently medically risk assessed and incorporates techniques that are taught within the guide lines of :-
NHS Protect
BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities)
Department of Education
Department of Health
Practical skills will be taught within the context of organisations individual needs and risk assessment. The focus of the techniques displayed will vary from setting to setting(e.g primary school setting will be different to adult mental health).


'I am supporting P&I training to become a leading provider in delivering de-escalation strategies and techniques on how to prevent Physical Intervention when working with children and young people.'

Craig Howard - Specialist Nurse in Trauma - Verified November 2015

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