P&I have a number of programmes designed to support your specific training needs

P&I training support programmes start from just 1 hour. These shortened programmes can be purchased individually, or a number can be purchased together to create your own unique programme. The prices and details of the packages can be found in a PDF document at the bottom of this page.
Please allow the PDF file below a few moments to load in. It is a 7 page document, hover or click on the PDF for page turning options. The page turning options will appear at the bottom left of the document.
The programmes displayed start from 6 hours down to 1 hour so please take your time to look for a package that could suit your organisations needs. P&I will mix and match any of the programmes to support your organisations individual circumstances.
Please note that the 1 and 2 hour programmes are only available in the following areas. North Tyneside - South Tyneside - Gateshead - Newcastle Upon Tyne - parts of Northumberland and parts of Durham. Outside of these areas there is a minimum requirement of a 3 hour session. The minimum cost for a 3 hour session outside of the mentioned areas is £400. This is inclusive of expenses and VAT. These prices will vary for different parts of the country which is discussed prior to purchase.

P&I are willing to discuss any of your personal training needs with regards to safety and behaviour. Programmes and prices will be determined prior to purchase.

Please contact us today to begin planning your P&I training at