About P&I

P&I was created by Owner and Director Alan Robson. The training is designed to cater for all staff teams, small or large, at a price that makes it accessible to all.
Specifically designed to cater for the Education sector we also support areas such as Children's Social Care and Youth and Community services.

The P&I Team will listen to, and consider, any training requests made and they will strive to tailor a package to suit your organisations particular needs.

P&I is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne but delivers around the country. Speak to us today to begin designing your own, bespoke training experience.

P&I deliver safety and behaviour training on behalf of Clennell Education Solutions. Visit there website at www.clennelleducationsolutions.co.uk

Welcome to P&I

About P&I Training

P&I are a company that offers support and training to organisations in the area of safety and behaviour. It was originally designed specifically for adults working with children and young people, who have to deal with challenging, violent and aggressive behaviour in the workplace. P&I have now extended their programmes to work directly with the children and/or their parents/carers. P&I training programmes have been externally accredited by The CPD Standards Office. P&I Training LTD are also registered members of the Department For the Institute of Safe Training (DFIST)

P&I have designed their training packages in response to the needs of the organisations that require our specific type of service. The P&I team have vast experience in behaviour management, the law, physical intervention, de-escalation, documenting, reflection and planning, with regards to safety and behaviour. Each P&I programme incorporates all of these elements as core to the programmes success.
Only relevant information and tried and tested strategies have made it into our training programmes. It is from the P&I teams experience in the area of safety and behaviour with children and young people that has allowed our programmes to be developed in such a way that trainees often leave with glowing feedback for the delivery and relevance of the training.
Our lead trainers have extensive experience in delivering de-escalation and physical intervention training for a number of different organisations and are highly sort after in this field.
P&I have core elements in each of their programmes but it is our aim to be flexible to respond to any organisations particular needs. An example of this is that if you're organisation setting has specific needs around the area of reflection and planning. We would concentrate on this area while still delivering all of our core elements.
A number of P&I training packages are brought directly to your establishment which reduces the need for movement around the country which we know can bring additional expense. We do cater for external training days to ensure that all options are available for your particular needs.
The about section of the website holds information on outcomes and details of what you can expect from your training package.
The information displays only a small part of what you can expect and more specific information can be obtained in PDF format by contacting P&I and requesting our information pack.
Please feel free to speak with us and we will strive to arrange any of our packages to suit your needs. P&I will attempt to respond within 48 hours to all requests made.

Please contact us today to begin planning your P&I training at [email protected]

What we offer:

• Accredited De-escalation and Physical Intervention training programme

• Personalised training programmes in safety and behaviour

• Policy and procedure support

• Verified physical intervention techniques

• A number of training programmes to support your particular needs

• Reward scheme which will support your drive to be recognised as outstanding in behaviour and safety

• Scenario based training

• Multiple years experience working with young people

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us here [email protected]

You are in good hands with P&I....