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Preparing for work

P&I have a specific programme to support agency/supply staff prior to them taking a position in an education setting. The training focuses on legal guidance, de-escalation, physical intervention, extreme challenging and aggressive behaviour and working with SEND. The training is designed to prepare staff for the types of situations they may be involved in when working with children and young people.

The training can be arranged to take place during school holiday periods to ensure it does not impact on commitments to workplaces and can start from as little as £30 per staff member. This depends on the location and number of staff available for the training.

Your staff team will become instantly more appealing following the training. They will be more confident and comfortable understanding the laws and risks of what they can and cannot do when dealing with challenging and aggressive behaviour. Many workplaces welcome staff who have CPD in the area of safety and behaviour, particularly in the area of de-escalation and physical intervention.

We also cater for the lone worker who is looking to access training to make themselves more desirable to prospective employers and who would like to expand/increase their skills base.

Supporting your sector

P&I's research has shown that there are escalating levels of violence, aggression and challenging behaviour throughout the education system and society in general. P&I firmly believe that all schools, academies, colleges and any other setting that educates, accommodates or works with young people in any capacity, should have a knowledge of de-escalation and physical intervention strategies to maintain continuous safety for all. P&I have developed a training process which is designed to support numerous settings regardless of your staff team numbers. The training process has been designed to cater for large staff teams, lone workers, group workers and transient workers who move around frequently within an agency setting.
Please see below to see what P&I can offer your workplace and your particular staff team needs.

Agency & Supply:

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What we offer:

• Accredited De-escalation and Physical Intervention training programme

• Personalised training programmes in safety and behaviour

• Policy and procedure support

• Verified physical intervention techniques

• A number of training programmes to support your particular needs

• Reward scheme which will support your drive to be recognised as outstanding in behaviour and safety

• Scenario based training

• Multiple years experience working with young people

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