Become a training Centre

Become a Training Centre

P&I are expanding around the UK and we have opportunities for individuals, or establishments, that would like to apply to become P&I registered trainers. Becoming a registered trainer allows you to deliver, promote and sell P&I training programmes to other establishments in your local area. It is our overall aim to have P&I operatives in all areas of England who can deliver the training programmes from the 1 hour sessions to the full day sessions.
An area training centre can be an individual or an organisation.
Individuals and organisations can purchase the rights for multiple areas.

The commitment required to be a CTC is that you:

• Pay a yearly license fee to P&I
• Display evidence that you are attempting to promote P&I in your County area.
When contacting P&I please be specific that you are interested in becoming a Training Centre.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us here [email protected]

If you wish to ask our team any questions, please email us here at [email protected]

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