Request a consultancy

P&I offer a consultancy service, as well as their de-escalation and physical intervention training.
If you require guidance and support in your setting, with regards to safety and behaviour, then simply request a consultancy via P&I's contact form. The consultancy period can be as long or as short as you need it to be.
Consultancy can be for an overall review of your safety procedures, or for something as simple as a one off discussion to observe on practice and procedures.
Our safety and behaviour experts can support in the following areas

• Staff behaviour support programmes.

• Staff inductions and preparing to work with behaviours that challenge.

• Staff team workshops.

• Recording and reporting.

• Reflection and planning for challenging behaviour.

• Observing and recommendation.

• Training needs.

• Inclusion plans and guidance.

• Rewards, sanction and motivation.

• Attendance.

If you wish to ask our team any questions, please email us here at [email protected]

You are in good hands with P&I....