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P&I's research has shown that there are escalating levels of violence, aggression and challenging behaviour throughout the education system and society in general. P&I firmly believe that all schools, academies, colleges and any other setting that educates, accommodates or works with young people in any capacity, should have a knowledge of de-escalation, physical intervention and safety and behaviour strategies to maintain continuous safety for all. P&I have developed a training process which is designed to support numerous settings regardless of your staff team numbers. The training process has been designed to cater for large staff teams, lone workers, group workers and transient workers who move around frequently within an agency setting.
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P&I have a number of specific training packages, all of which have been designed to support different size staff teams in an educational setting. Each of our education packages represent the most cost effective method of training your entire staff team in the area of safety and behaviour, regardless of size. Areas covered include - de-escalation skills - scenario training - physical intervention - legal guidance - creating and maintaining positive relationships - anti-bullying - parental engagement - 1-1 support - staff inductions. This list is not exhaustive (see courses, bookings and prices) for more information. P&I Training programmes come in a number of sizes starting at 1 hour to unlimited time for consultation periods.

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