We are asked a lot of questions about Physical Intervention and who is qualified to train staff in Physical Intervention techniques. The following quote was given to P&I from the DfE.

“Thank you for your email of 18 February, about regulatory bodies for training of physical intervention in schools.
School staff are not required to attend training in order to use reasonable force. Headteachers, however, should consider whether teachers need any additional training to carry out their responsibilities effectively. It is for this reason then, like other forms of professional development, decisions about training in physical intervention are best made by individual schools in the light of their particular needs and circumstances.
The government expects school staff to use these powers lawfully and not with the intention of causing harm to pupils. It is always unlawful to use force as punishment. This is because it would fall within the definition of corporal punishment, which is illegal.
The department is always interested in receiving information aimed at improving services for children and young people, however, ministers and government officials must remain impartial so cannot support or endorse specific projects. With this in mind, you may wish to contact schools directly with your proposal."

P&I Training LTD have chosen to have their training programmes externally accredited by The CPD Standards office. Registration number 21721 - www.cpstandards.com
P&I Training LTD is also a registered member of The Department for the Institute of Safe Training (DFIST) www.dfist.co.uk


Q - Some companies claim to be Ofsted recommended. Can we receive safety and behaviour training from none recommended companies? A - Ofsted is a non-ministerial department of the UK government. It reports directly to Parliament and is both independent and impartial. Ofsted does not recommend training companies as Ofsted ready, or any other term that some companies may use to promote themselves. You can choose your training from any company that you believe can deliver the service that you require.

Q - Will I be licensed to restrain children and young people? A - No. There is no such thing as a licence to restrain. There is a duty of care to physically intervene and P&I will show you the legal guidance behind it and a safe method in how to carry it out.

Q - Who verifies P&I? A- P&I are externally accredited by The CPD Standards Office. Registration number 21721 - www.cpdstandards.com - Prior to external verification it is the P&I senior team that discuss any changes to the programmes.

Q - Will I be taken to court if a young person is hurt during physical intervention? A - No. You will only ever be at risk of prosecution if the physical intervention you have used was not necessary, was an unreasonable use of excessive force or was used as a punishment. P&I will support you if you have showed that you tried everything possible to de-escalate a situation and only physically intervened as a very last resort and the force used was reasonable, necessary and proportionate in it's response.

Q - Will I get a certificate? A- Yes. Everybody who undertakes any form of training with P&I will receive a certificate for their achievements.

Q - Can my school go straight from Bronze to Gold in the rewards system? A - Yes. As long as you meet all of the necessary criteria. You cannot jump straight to Green though as this requires a number of years at Gold before you can achieve Green.

Q - Can we have a say in what training is given to our school? A - To a degree Yes. There are certain core elements that must be covered. If you would like us to elaborate on certain areas of these core elements then we would be happy to do so. We would be unlikely to remove chunks of the training as it has been developed over a long period of time and only essential elements are included in our training. To remove any of these areas would weaken the programme and the trainees may not receive the essential elements required to help them to make educated decisions.

Q - How do we get enough staff to access your training as we have a very large staff team? A - P&I have a number of training programmes to support both large and small staff teams. Please contact us with your needs and we can discuss a package that suits your individual needs.

Q - Will your training help us with our Ofsted inspection? A - Yes. Displaying a commitment to training your entire staff team in methods of de-escalation and physical intervention can only enhance your school in the area of Safety and Behaviour. As explained earlier, there is currently no official standard from the DfE therefore you cannot be marked down for attempting to improve yourself with this form of CPD.

Q - Why is P&I different to the other intervention training that we have been offered? A - Our senior training team has multiple years experience in dealing with some of the most challenging behaviour from children and young people from all 4 corners of the UK. Only relevant, proven techniques that have been adapted and updated over a number of years have made it into our training package. P&I is also unique that it is specifically designed to support schools with large staff teams, the pricing is designed so that it is accessible to all establishments. We do not have any expensive licensing schemes that are hidden in our prices and we also bring the training to the schools reducing the need for staff expenses. The main reasons that we are different is our flexibility and pricing.

Q - How long does my certificate cover me for? A - Trained tutors - 1 Year, you must be re-verified every year (this is included in your once per year fee, no need for additional fees for re-verification). Basic 1 day training - 2 years, you must be re-verified within 2 years of receiving your certificate, this is carried out by your in house tutors (if you have discussed this as part of your package). Certificates of attendance are issued for all of hour shortened packages and they do not have an expiry date. It is beneficial though to keep skills up to date as laws and legislation can change frequently.

If you wish to ask our team any questions, please email us here at [email protected]

You are in good hands with P&I....