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The following programmes are delivered by P&I Training LTD. We have added a rough hourly guide to each programme but this can be discussed during purchase. Each setting has it's own individual needs and time spent on each subject can be increased or decreased depending on the organisations current skill set.

Please note that the 1 and 2 hour programmes are only available in the following areas. North Tyneside - South Tyneside - Gateshead - Newcastle Upon Tyne - parts of Northumberland and parts of Durham. Outside of these areas there is a minimum requirement of a 3 hour session. The minimum cost for a 3 hour session outside of the mentioned areas is £400. This is inclusive of expenses and VAT. These prices will vary for different parts of the country which is discussed prior to purchase.

• P&I Physical intervention and de-escalation programme. 6 hours
• Legal guidance - Physical intervention holds - guides - safety behind the holds. 3 hours
• De-escalation techniques - Recording and planning for physical intervention - Dealing with difficult situations - Behaviours that challenge. 3 hours
• 1 -1 Intervention/intensive staff support. 2 hours
• Introduction to dealing with difficult situations and behaviours that challenge. 1 hour
• Introduction to Recording and planning for serious incidents – Risk assessing and behaviour plans. 1 hour
• Introduction to De-escalation and remaining CALM during a crisis. 1 hour
• Positive handling. 1 hour
• Supporting staff resilience. 1 hour
• Physical Intervention legal guidance. 1 hour
• Understanding behaviour management (for parents and carers). 1 hour
• Safety and behaviour staff induction – preparing staff to work in education. 2 hours
• Setting specific Consultation - Early years through to College . 1 hour minimum - unlimited on discussion.
• Teacher behaviour support programme. 3 hours minimum - unlimited on discussion.
• Intensive - Dealing with difficult situations and behaviours that challenge. 2 hours
• Intensive - Recording and planning for serious incidents – Risk assessing and behaviour plans. 2 hours
• Intensive - De-escalation and remaining CALM during a crisis. 2 hours
• Creating and maintaining positive relationships with pupils. 1 hour
• Anti-bullying. 1.5 hours
All trainees will be certified following completion of the training. The P&I 6 hour Physical intervention and de-escalation programme is certified and accredited for 2 years. Pass criteria is in the form of visual assessment followed by a short written test.

If your course involves you becoming a P&I intermediate tutor then you will be shown how to deliver the above elements in the form of the basic 1 day course.
Further details can be found on our bookings and prices page about the programme that could best support your organisation.

All P&I programmes are designed to support the reduction in risk of physical intervention.

De-escalation and non-contact methods of resolving incidents are at the forefront of the P&I philosophy.

P&I training programmes share skills, techniques and scenarios to promote these non-contact methods to resolving incidents.

Following the exhausting of de-escalation techniques P&I understand that, on occasion, the presenting behaviour can reach a level where physical intervention is necessary to maintain safety for all involved.

Safety when engaging a young person is of paramount importance. Any programme delivered by P&I that involves guidance on physical intervention will have the holds presented as only part of a holistic approach to behaviour management.

Physical intervention represents only a tiny part of your day to day involvement with children and young people but it is often the most dangerous part when intervening during an incident.

During the 1 day programme in de-escalation and physical intervention, the holds will take up approximately 2 hours of the training to ensure safety messages are conveyed clearly, and the trainee leaves with a good understanding of how to engage a young person physically, in the safest possible way.

The health and safety of employees who are carrying out the training is embedded in each programme. Risk assessment and a duty of care feature heavily in our programmes with guidance of best practice given throughout. The best practice is based on guidelines by government departments.

Much of the training delivered by P&I is based on the staff member remaining in control of themselves during moments of crisis or challenging situations.

P&I Tutors will do everything possible to enhance your training by using humour in what is a very serious subject.

Training will be very much focused on a team approach to behaviour management and is often regarded as a team building day.

Please feel free to contact us with any support you require in the area of safety and behaviour and we will do everything possible to arrange a package that supports your particular needs.

Please contact us today to begin planning your P&I training at [email protected]

What we offer:

• Accredited De-escalation and Physical Intervention training programme

• Personalised training programmes in safety and behaviour

• Policy and procedure support

• Verified physical intervention techniques

• A number of training programmes to support your particular needs

• Reward scheme which will support your drive to be recognised as outstanding in behaviour and safety

• Scenario based training

• Multiple years experience working with young people

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