Why choose
P&I Training?

Why P&I?

Cost effective and Flexible

P&I are the most cost effective and flexible company when it comes to delivering training in de-escalation and physical intervention, when compared to our competitors in the same field. This type of training can often be difficult to organise and can be very expensive. Many of our customers have now saved thousands of pounds by using P&I as their preferred training provider. Wherever possible P&I will strive to deliver their programmes to fit in with your timescale and budget. We understand the difficulties of time management in education settings so P&I are more than happy to break their programmes down and deliver during directed time, twilight's, training days etc

Reasons to be with P&I

• P&I have no additional licensing or add on fees.

• P&I are the most flexible training company with regards to safety and behaviour.

• All programmes are tailored to respond to the needs of your organisation.

• P&I are the most cost effective Physical Intervention company. We offer specialist training at a price you can afford.

If you wish to ask our team any questions, please email us here at [email protected]

Why P&I?

The P&I team have vast knowledge of working with children and young people, especially within the EBD/SEMH sector. We are unique in our commitment to delivering the highest quality service through our expertise in behaviour management. We care passionately about the quality of our training programmes and recognise the importance of achieving the highest possible standards. Our staff all have vast experience in behaviour management techniques/strategies and have worked with young people in various settings including mainstream education, special education and secure units as well as working with students in residential care. Our senior training team consists of post graduates, teachers and team managers from backgrounds such as care homes and school pastoral staff. P&I have designed their de-escalation and physical intervention training specifically to allow both large and small staff teams to be able to afford the training services that are sometimes not accessible from other companies. P&I offers a training package that will allow you to immediately enhance the safety of your establishment. All of our training programmes are aimed at risk reduction and the minimal use of force to support safety.

You are in good hands with P&I....